About Us

    Our facility is family owned and operated.  Unlike many of our competitors, we deal directly with our
    valued customers.  This gives us a huge advantage in customer service because we each have a personal
    investment in your experience.  

    We have over thirty years of experience in the self storage and construction industry.  We built one of
    the very first self storage facilities in 1974 and our first climate controlled facility in 1978.   

    When we built United Self Storage in 2005, we set out to create the very best facility that the self storage
    industry has to offer.

    We chose a central location that has convenient access to Joliet, Crest Hill, Romeoville, Plainfield,
    Lockport, and Shorewood.  If you live in one of these towns, we are located within only a few miles of
    you.  We're close enough to major roads to be convenient yet far enough away so that traffic isn't a
    problem for our customers.     

    We used a unique super-insulated wall technology to create an extremely energy efficient building.  If fact,
    our building is one of the most environmentally friendly structures in Illinois.  

    Our unique wall technology allowed us to make each and every one of our storage units fully climate
    controlled and dehumidified at no extra cost.  We never wanted our valued customers to worry about
    condensation, dampness, mold, and mildew.     

    We designed the building for extremely easy access.  We built all our storage units on the first floor so
    that our customers would never have to climb stairs or wait for an elevator.  We made six loading zones
    that can accomodate any sized truck so that our customers would never have to wait.  

    We used the very best security system money could buy.  We installed digital cameras, entrance key
    pads, motion detectors, an automated call center, and individual unit alarm sensors.  We even have other
    security features we can't mention!

    We also aim to provide the very best experience for our customers.  We keep our prices the lowest in the
    area to compete with the national chains.  In fact, we offer our premium first floor climate controlled
    storage units for less than their standard units!  Unlike our competitors, we charge our customers by the
    day instead of by the month, so they are not charged for days they are not with us.   

    For these reasons, we believe in our motto:  Best Facility.  Best Prices.   
United Self Storage Facility
21005 Division Street
Crest Hill, IL 60403
ph: 815-741-8940
fax: 815-741-8950
Best Facility.  Best Prices.
21005 Division Street
Crest Hill, IL 60403